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We are an international teamspeak, with more than 27.000 users from 48 different countries. We are online since 2 years now and we work everyday to make our teamspeak the best.

Rank System

Challenge your friends with your online time and earn more and more permissions.

DDoS Protection

Our server is protected by the DDoS-Protection of OVH, so we can guarantee a high uptime.

Music Bots

We have 28 music bots, 16 to join and 12 sub (by typing "!sub" to an bot). We want to go sure, that you can listen to your favorite music.


We have more than 27.000 listed users from all over the world, so you will never get bored.

Made with Love

Our team is working hard everyday, to make your experience the best.


Our team is the whole day available, to fix all your problems and help you out.

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Learn More

More about our Rank System and Music Bots

Rank System

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Our level system works fine and automatically. 10 Seconds after joining the server you’ll get your first rank „new“ and your first level „0“. From this point every level gets harder to reach. The level system is based on the time you bring to our server. After 30 minutes you should already get level 1. The time you need to uprank expands level by level. For example from 19 - 20 you already need 1:30 Hours. From 59 – 60 you need 48 Hours and so on. Also your rank gets updated automatically after reaching level 10 – trial, 20 – user, 40 – advanced, 60 – experienced, 80 – highly respected. Have you once reached level 20 you are able to give yourself a little 5 minutes level booster to reward active people. You can also get up to a 24 Hours x4 booster in the support for reporting trolling, hacking, spamming, screaming or advertising people. For more questions to our rank system feel free to ask the support.

Music Bots

Our Music-Bots are free to use for everyone. We actually use 2 kinds of Music Bots.

The first one is a „Join music bot“ You simply can join into its channel and listen to its Music. The second one is a „sub music bot“. Its doing its work by Whispering you. You simply have to open a chat window by double click on the bot or right click it and pick „open private chat“. To give the command to start playing, you need to type in the chat „!sub“. To make it stop type „!unsub“, mute it or disconnect. Now you can listen to the music of the bot where ever you are in the server.

We recommend turning the music volume down before you start listening because the Music could be a bit loud for you. You can do this by a right click at the bot and pick the option „Adjust Volume“.


Server Infos

Bloodhand was brought to life on the 5th May 2016. Since then our community grew up. We are 6 Server Admins working hard ever day, to make our teamspeak server the best in the world.

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